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Spark Motion In the News

By David Gottfeld
The Spark Scan was created to quickly scan the body and prioritize programing. The Spark Scan works seamlesly with Spark Motion.
By Rob Harris CSCS
This video illustrates how a strength coach can utilizes the portability of Spark Motion Pro. It is very important to capture the athlete in the "Authentic Environment". With the tools of Spark Motion, I can design strength programs that meet the needs of each athlete.
By David W. Gottfeld FAFS 3D Maps , Gary Gray PT.
In this video Gary Gray PT. and David Gottfeld share how using the tools of Spark Motion are an essential part of assessment.
By David W. Gottfeld FAFS MATS
This video shows how the blending of many different methods provides a successful treatment strategy for the client. Dr. Nicholas Studholme shared a very powerful isometric moment that when adjusted into some sprint mechanics drills provided a great progression to connect the athlete to their hip musculature.