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Welcome to Spark Pro's information page…the place you can learn all you need to know about Spark Pro…our most powerful app!!!

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Spark Pro

Spark Pro FAQs

1.) What is Spark Pro?

  • Spark Pro is our most powerful app offering our most advanced motion analysis tools in connection with web based Cloud technology
  • Spark Pro is available on a monthly, or annual, subscription. You can use the Spark Pro app and cloud service by doing the following:
    • Create a Spark Pro Cloud account to receive a Username & Password so you can access the app…it takes about 3 minutes.
    • Download a free copy of the Spark Pro app from the Apple App Store
  • Spark Pro is a HIPAA compliant app and cloud. Click here to learn more about our HIPPA compliance

2.) How much does Spark Pro cost?

  • Introductory subscription price for a Spark Pro Cloud account is $5.99/iPad/Month payable by credit card in either monthly, or annual installments. The first month of usage is free. The base subscription fee includes:
    • Use of all Spark Pro's most up-to-date video analysis tools
    • 30GBs of cumulative cloud storage per iPad, i.e. if you have 3 iPads in your account your account has a total of 90GBs of cloud storage
    • Full complement of web based cloud administration tools and video sharing/management by logging into cloud.SparkMotion.com
  • Current pricing is introductory pricing and subject to change as we roll out additional app based and website based services. Doing an annual subscription locks you into that price for one year. We anticipate the monthly subscription price will remain below $10/month into 2015.

3.) How do I create a Spark Pro Account?

  • Click here to watch our video on How to Create a Spark Pro Account
  • Completing you Spark Pro account setup is a two-step process:
    • Create your account and get your Username and Password by clicking the red button on the home page “Create Account for Spark Pro w/ Cloud”
    • Download and install our free Spark Pro app from the Apple App store and login using your Username & Password (the tablet must be connected to wi-fi the first time you log in using a U&P)

4.) Why isn't Spark Pro's pricing model clearly spelled out as on the App Store's Spark Pro description page?

  • Very simply, it is against the Apple App Store rules to use their store front to promote sales via a website.
  • Apple has many apps that are free to download but require, for a fee, a Username and Password in order to actually use the app because the app is dependent on an outside infrastructure (such as a cloud) in order to work
  • Spark Pro is designed for businesses that require easy to use tablet based motion analysis with the ability to securely share feedback videos with client via the SparkPro cloud, or by integrating the app into their own secure network.

5.) Why is Spark Pro a monthly subscription model rather than a one-time app purchase?

  • Spark Pro is our flagship app that will continuously (every couple months) have updates offering new app and web based functionality or enhancement to tools. Many of these updates will come from user feedback on new functionality users desire. A subscription model is the best way to ensure clients will always have access to the most up-to-date and powerful app. Spark Pro will never be finished, as it will be ever evolving to meet our clients' needs.
  • When integrating Cloud technology with our Spark Pro app we incur variable monthly costs based on our clients usage which makes a one-time app purchase a difficult business model to adopt and control.

6.) Why integrate a Cloud to our Spark Pro app?

  • Spark Pro was designed from the ground up by professionals in the performance and healthcare industries that work with patients and athletes on a daily basis. The Cloud was the best way to streamline users ability to easily and securely share video with clients or collaborate on videos with colleagues
  • So we can offer a HIPAA compliant environment for secure two-way communication and sharing of videos with clients
  • So our clients can easily backup their client files and videos for protection against lost, stolen or damaged iPads or apps
  • The Cloud serves as the video conversion mechanism that:
    • Allows our Spark Pro users to receive videos (for analysis) from their clients in various video formats that can ultimately be read and analyzed by the Spark Pro app
    • Allows Spark Pro users to share raw video or feedback videos (SRVs) with their clients in a format that is readable by any device, i.e. smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Cloud technology is the most efficient way to share large files, such as videos, via either streaming or upload/download

7.) How do I reach Customer Support?

  • You can email our customer support at support@sparkmotion.com. You will typically receive a prompt response, but certainly within 10 working hours (east coast time US)

8.) How do I cancel my monthly subscription account?

  • You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by emailing support@sparkmotion.com and providing the following:
    • Your Account Name or Username (the email address you signed up with)
    • A contact phone number in case we need to reach you