Spark Basic Overview

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Spark Basic is affectionately known as our “Backyard Dad App” for the iPad. It is a one-time purchase via the Apple App Store for $9.99. Spark Basic has all our most popular motion analysis tools including side-by-side comparison and video overlay with manual alignment. You can record video with the iPad (or import it from your camera roll) and then instantly analyze the video. Spark Basic does not have a home screen or file management. When you open the app, you are immediately in the video analysis screen where the app can hold up to 10 video clips at a time. All video clips taken with Spark Basic are also mirrored in the iPad’s camera roll so while only 10 clips at a time are stored in the app…all your videos are accessible from the camera roll. Note: you cannot screen record your voice over or video analysis with Spark Basic, see our Spark Pro app for that feature

Spark Basic is not intended for businesses or coaches working with multiple athletes over long periods of time (which is why file management is not included). It exists for quick and easy motion analysis…like in your backyard or at the youth soccer field or gym.

See the Spark Basic Video tutorial below plus a list of features.

Spark Basic Tutorial

Video Segment Guide

  • 0:08 - Video analysis screen

  • 0:37 - Recording

  • 0:53 - Video clip limit

  • 1:21 - Import video clips

  • 1:37 - Analysis tools


Spark Scan
The Spark Scan was created to quickly scan the body and prioritize programing. The Spark Scan works...

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