Spark Lite Pricing


One time buy
Spark Lite is an iPhone app. Once you purchase Spark Lite from the Apple App Store you own the app and there are no additional charges to use it.

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See the chart below for a price and feature comparison between our 3 products.

Product Pricing Table

Now it’s easier than ever to decide on which Spark Motion software version you need with our on-line buying guide

 3 Spark Motion apps to choose...  Spark Lite  Spark Basic  Spark Pro
 Device  iPhone  iPad  iPad
 Price Model  $9.99
One time buy
One time buy
 $5.99 month/iPad
Monthly or Annual Subscription
30GBs of cloud storage/iPad
 Video Analysis Tools  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Side by Side and Video Overylay  No  Yes  Yes
 File Management  Yes  No 10 video capture limit  Yes
 Cloud Functionality  No  No  Yes
 Screen Recorded Video (SRV) tool  No  No  Yes

 Note: The Screen Recorded Video (SRV) tool is used to create videos by recording your voice over and on-screen visual tools as you analyze videos. Once you create your SRV’s, you can share them with your client via the cloud.


Spark Scan
The Spark Scan was created to quickly scan the body and prioritize programing. The Spark Scan works...

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