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What Athletic Trainers and Medical Practitioners Are Saying About Spark Motion

What People are saying about Spark Motion

Chuck Wolf - Founder of Human Motion Associates
Kenny Knox - PGA Tour Pro
Simon Fathers - Performance Director of the Argentinean Rugby Team
Chuck Wolf - Founder of Human Motion Associates
Kenny Knox - PGA Tour Pro
Simon Fathers - Performance Director of the Argentinean Rugby Team

Other Testimonials

Nick Winkelman - Director of Education for EXOS formerly Athletes' Performance
Spark Motion has become instrumental to the coaching process at EXOS. Whether we are providing immediate feedback on the field, or delayed feedback in the classroom setting, the Spark Motion system has become a staple in our program. Spark Motion has improved on many of the design and experience features traditional to video analysis software. They have created an intuitive design, with the right amount of analytical features, and a great user experience. The ability to quickly look-up teams or athletes, and have all data stored in the cloud makes Spark Motion a sustainable tool. In the past, we didn’t use video analysis as much because we had to record video, download and edit, and then broadcast back to the athlete. Now with a few clicks, we can show the athlete their performance from multiple trials, across different time points, all in a matter of moments. Moreover, our athletes like their user experience and the speed with which they can receive feedback on their performance. In fact, we have had athletes personally purchase Spark Motion so that they can continue to learn once they are back with their team. With Spark Motions focus on world-class design, experience, and function, the team at EXOS is confident that this system will continue to support the video analysis needs of generations of athletes.
Manuel Diaz - Head Coach 
Men's Tennis 
University of Georgia
" There are so many benefits from using Spark Motion. A tennis player cannot physically see his strokes. Many times, a player may believe that his stroke is mechanically correct, but once recorded and analyzed with Spark Motion’s features he comes to realize his "true stroke" might not be what he imagined. The instant feedback will allow for stroke production correction – on the spot. Spark Motion allows me to identify my player's flaws. I can then immediately communicate the needed changes more effectively. "
Kyle Tarp - M.Ed., CSCS 
Director of Basketball Performance 
University of Maryland Basketball
" I am extremely impressed with the Spark Motion software. The program allows us to quickly identify movement deficiencies and provide clear instant visual feedback. For us, it is an invaluable tool to assess, track and educate our athletes. SparkPro is amazingly user-friendly considering its sophistication and versatility. Spark Motion sets a new standard for motion capture technology. "
Lenny Parracino - CMT, FAFS 
Faculty of the Gray Institute
" Movement is an act of changing physical location or position and is very complex when one attempts to analyze the sequence of segments necessary for efficient energy transfer; Spark Motion allows the professional an easy way to observe this complexity, document and educate for proper programming direction. "
Matt Herring - Former Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach 
University of Florida / San Antonio Spurs

" I've been working with Spark Motion and love it. I've been sharing it with as many people as possible. We can see applications from assessment to performance enhancement here at the University of Florida. "

Todd Hays - Women's Head Coach, USA Bobsled Team
" We can't always get to the Start House in Calgary. With Spark Motion I can analyze my athletes any time any place, and it enables me to go frame by frame so I can accurately measure the all-important angles required for a successful start. "
Michol Dalcourt - Founder and Director of the Institute of Motion
"Spark Motion has become an essential part of our programming at the Institute of Motion. Whether working with Performance athletes or general clientele, screening movement and prescribing exercises through Spark Motion is made better. We can now reveal movement inefficiencies, immobilties, and improper kinetic timing. This leads us to better programming."
Vern Gambetta - President at Gambetta Sports Training Systems
Spark Motion is an indispensable coaching tool. It is handy and easy to use. The immediate feedback I can provide the athlete is second to none. Just used it with the 2012 Olympic Games Gold Medal winner and his coach and they loved it. The coach used it pinpoint a technical element they were working on. This is a tremendous teaching aid.
Todd Wright - Head of Strength and Conditioning of the Philadelphia 76ers
" Spark Motion is on the cutting edge of video analysis software and it's proving to be a very valuable tool in our strength program. It's ability to give quick and instant feedback to our athletes allows us to introduce and groove movement patterns much more effectively. Easy to use, great price!"
Gary Gray - PT, FAFS Founder of the Gray Institute
" At the Gray Institute, we strive to educate human movement professionals to analyze, assess, rehabilitate, restore, train, and condition individuals of all levels and abilities. Spark Motion is a perfect tool for observing and assessing movement in any environment. It also enables the provider to educate their client about the principles of function, and the strategy and techniques planned to overcome their dysfunction. It is a honor to know that the 4 founders of this company met through the GIFT Fellowship. "
Ted Rath - Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Detroit Lions
" I recently began using Spark Motion software with a few of our players and I can honestly say that this software has been nothing short of impressive! The user friendly features and recording capabilities are great for the strength and conditioning setting at any level. I can't wait to discover additional ways that Spark Motion can help our athletes. "