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Nick Winkelman

Nick Winkelman - Director of Education for EXOS formerly Athletes' Performance
Spark Motion has become instrumental to the coaching process at EXOS. Whether we are providing immediate feedback on the field, or delayed feedback in the classroom setting, the Spark Motion system has become a staple in our program. Spark Motion has improved on many of the design and experience features traditional to video analysis software. They have created an intuitive design, with the right amount of analytical features, and a great user experience. The ability to quickly look-up teams or athletes, and have all data stored in the cloud makes Spark Motion a sustainable tool. In the past, we didn’t use video analysis as much because we had to record video, download and edit, and then broadcast back to the athlete. Now with a few clicks, we can show the athlete their performance from multiple trials, across different time points, all in a matter of moments. Moreover, our athletes like their user experience and the speed with which they can receive feedback on their performance. In fact, we have had athletes personally purchase Spark Motion so that they can continue to learn once they are back with their team. With Spark Motions focus on world-class design, experience, and function, the team at EXOS is confident that this system will continue to support the video analysis needs of generations of athletes.