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Spark Lite Overview

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Spark Lite is our app for the iPhone. It is a one-time purchase via the Apple App Store for $9.99. Spark Lite allows you to record video with the iPhone (or import it from your cameral roll) and then instantly analyze it. The app has most of our most popular motion analysis tools and it includes file management so you can store videos of different athletes in their own file. Spark Lite does not include side-by-side comparisons or video overlay as the screen size of the iPhone is too small to make those features practical. See Spark Basic or Spark Pro for those features. You can take snapshots of a video frame with your analysis tools showing and include notes. Snapshots can then be emailed directly from the app. Note: you cannot screen record your voice over or video analysis with Spark Lite, see our Spark Pro app for that feature.

See the Spark Lite Video tutorial below plus a list of features.

Spark Lite Tutorial

Video Segment Guide

  • 0:20 - Create client files

  • 1:06 - Analysis Screen

  • 1:38 - Recording

  • 2:22 - Analysis tools

  • 4:08 - Snapshot tool

  • 4:40 - Bullseye tool

  • 4:53 - Frame-by-frame analysis


Spark Scan
The Spark Scan was created to quickly scan the body and prioritize programing. The Spark Scan works...

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