SRV Guide

Screen Recorded Video (SRV) Guide

Welcome to our SRV Guide…the place where you can learn all that you need to know about the Spark Pro’s Screen Recorded Video (SRV) Service.

If you are new to Spark Pro…you may want to view the Spark Pro Overview page first.

So what is an SRV…simply put, an SRV is a video you create with the Spark Pro app by recording all your verbal feedback and on screen feedback as you analyze a video. Click here to view an actual SRV created with Spark Pro.

We strongly suggest you get started learning about SRVs by viewing these 4 videos tutorials:

View actual
SRVs Here
See the FAQs below for additional information on SRVs

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1.) How does the SRV Service work?

  • The SRV Service is rather simple…once you create an SRV, the only way to get an SRV out of the Spark Pro app is to upload the SRV to the Spark Pro Cloud.

  • Each time you upload an SRV to the cloud, you use 1 SRV Credit (see our video above on how to share SRVs with clients).

  • Each Spark Pro user account has an SRV Credit Bank that shows you how many credits you have at any point in time.

  • Once an SRV is uploaded to your Spark Pro Cloud, you have a number of options:

  • Share it with clients at no charge to them.

  • Share it with clients and charge them a fee using our SRV eCommerce service (this service is discussed in more detail below).

  • Download the SRV to your computer and then do whatever you want with it (post on your website, YouTube, etc.).

2.) How do I share SRV's with clients?

  • There are two methods for sharing SRVs with clients:

  • At the time you upload an SRV from the Spark Pro app to the cloud, you can type in your client's email address.

  • You can also share SRVs from the cloud by logging into

  • See our video tutorial at the top of this page on Sharing SRVs.

3.) How will my clients be able to view SRVs I share? How will they be able to upload videos for me to analyze with Spark Pro?

  • The first time you share an SRV with a client, they will receive an email and be asked to create a FREE Spark Video Share account.

  • To create an account, your client's email will be their Username and they will be asked to pick a password (we don't require any additional information from your client).

  • Using their Username and Password, your clients can log in to the website at any time to:

  • Download or view SRVs you have shared with them.

  • Upload videos to your cloud so you can analyze them with Spark Pro.

  • Your clients can upload videos directly from smart phones and tablets if the device browser allows uploads to websites (such as iPhones and iPads running iOS6 or higher).

  • Your clients can also easily upload videos from their PC.

  • You will receive an email each time your client uploads a video they want you to analyze.

  • Your client will receive an email each time you share an SRV with them.

  • See our video at the top of this page on how your clients can view and upload videos.

4.) What types of videos can my clients upload to my cloud for me to analyze with Spark Pro?

  • Your clients can upload any standard video format and the Cloud will convert it to a format that can be download to Spark Pro to be analyzed.

5.) What is the SRV eCommerce Service?

  • This is a service where Spark Pro users can specify a price they want to charge their clients for downloading or viewing SRVs they created.

  • In order to download/view the SRV, your client will be re-directed to a website for a secure credit card transaction.

  • Funds from the credit card transaction will be deposited in your bank account less transaction fees (currently 7%) retained by Spark Motion.

6.) Tell me about SRV "rendering times"

  • When you finish recording an SRV the app will "render", or create, the SRV.

  • You are shown a progress line as the SRV renders.

  • Current SRV render times average about 1:1 for single clips with voiceover only, i.e. a 1 minute SRV will take 1 minute to render.

  • Some things will add to your rendering times, such as:

  • Stringing multiple raw video clips together in a single SRV.

  • Heavy usage of on screen drawing tools.

  • It is important to note that rendering times will only get faster over time as we further refine the SRV tool and as processing power for tablets continue to improve.

  • See our video at the top of this page on Best Practices video for creating SRVs.


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